Suzan Berwald, Multi-disciplinary Artist
Solstice Studio 59


(posted on 13 Jul 2021)



The digital age brings about a new frontier, empowering artists to share their art across the world. Sample what creative energies are at play in the global theatre and witness events unfold in the world, as they are rendered through the evocative lens of art.

I was very pleased to have one of my monotypes accepted into the on-line exhibition "Limitless" hosted by the Federation of Canadian Artists (Vancouver). This show runs until July 31 and you can view all the works at



"Artist's Lens 2021: Street Photography"

Street Photography expresses instant, unexpected encounters, and the unpredictability of interactions between ourselves and public life. In this exhibition, artists explore broad themes in their relationship to public spaces, such as nostalgia, isolation, idealism, public protest, science fiction, voyeurism, literature and geometry.

The Alberta Society of Artists is showcasing photographic works of artists at the Calgary Central Library. I am pleased to say that one of my photos " Dusk on Acorn Street" is a part of this show. This show runs until July 31, 2021. If you want to see all the works on-line please go to


"AROUND THE CORNER": Upcoming Shows

In August and  running through into September I will have a couple mixed media works in the "Drawn From Home" show hosted by the Art Gallery of St. Albert (AGSA).  More details in my next newsletter.


Finally, I am so pleased to announce a solo show of my pastel works featuring Alberta landscapes will be seen in Spruce Grove at the Melcor Centre (Allied Arts Council). This show takes place in August and more details will follow.



I now have an Instagram account!!!! 


"A Look Back: Older Works"

I am slowly, slowly working on some new pastel landscapes (getting ready for a couple fall art shows) but they are all works "under construction" so I thought I would highlight an older work. This work involves using the silk-screening process which I had never done before. For a first time, I am quite pleased with the results (of course, the subject matter is the land/nature!) As I was working on this piece I imagined myself as a bird flying above the land, seeing the farrows of the farmers' fields, the grid-like pattern of our highways that intersect our land, the grain fields swaying in the wind...

A Textured Land