Suzan Berwald, Visual Artist
Solstice Studio 59


I am pleased to say that four of my pieces are a part of the "Word and Image: Creative Crossovers" show at the Stony Plain Multicultural Heritage Centre. This show has an on-line aspect as there will be a virtual premiere of the show on October 8 at 7 p.m.. 

I am very pleased to be a part of the “Alberta Views: Our Landscape, Our Home, Our Legacy” show at the Renaissance Edmonton Airport Hotel Art Gallery. This exhibition features six female artists showcasing the beauty and majesty of the Alberta land. It runs from August 23-October 31 at the Renaissance Edmonton Airport Hotel. This show is only possible due to the support of the Women's Art Museum of Canada, Alberta Culture Days and the Government of Alberta.  You can view the exhibition at

"Earth Meets Sky" one of my pieces in this show

(posted on 31 Aug 2020)

I thought I would write about how I work as an artist when deadline(s) is LOOMING. I am a morning creative energy is much brighter at this time. I find I can work in the afternoon but my attention wanders and often times not much is accomplished.Currently I have three works going at the same time all at different stages and in different mediums (my A.D.D. is kicking in!). I usually work on one for a bit or a couple of days and then hop over to do something on another one. So, I have a small acrylic painting I have started (something I saw on you-tube that I want to try....a simple experiment on an 8 x 10 canvas). I am finishing a mixed media work (part of my "Nesting" series which needs to completed TODAY for a show submission today! and finally I am also working on  soft pastel painting for another show. I find that my creative brain enjoys the "stretch"...if I stay too long on one project I get too rigid in my mark-making. The downside to this approach, of course, is that at times I do not finish some of these projects as I have moved onto something else that has captured my imagination and feel compelled to start that series. Yikes!  I applaud all the artists that have the self-discipline to stay on one work until complete.


Well I think my gesso has dried and I can go back to work...take care..

The 15th annual Kaleido Festival Gallery exhibition runs from September 1-27. This year due to Covid-19 all art works are on display at the Carrot Community Arts Coffeehouse ( 9351-118 Ave., Edmonton). The opening reception is Friday September 11 from 7-9 p.m.. I dropped off my two pieces yesterday and am looking forward to viewing all the other work from about 18 other artists. So stop on by for a latte ( I sampled one...great!) and view some local artwork.

Elementum I

(posted on 11 Aug 2020)

It appears as if the art community is slowly resuming their activities. I have been gearing up as well, producing several new works for upcoming exhibitions. In September I will be the feature artist at the Loft Gallery (Ottewell Centre/Red Barn, Sherwood Park). The title of my show "Prairie Drift" will primarily feature pastel interpretations of Alberta. 

One of my newer works for this show

(posted on 23 Mar 2020)

With the directive to self-isolate from Alberta Health, I have been spending my time baking, reading, setting out my spring decor household items and, of course, art work. I am slowly immersing myself back into my art practice (it has been about five months since I picked up a paint brush...winter doldrums, I think). I have completed a set of "Scrambled tile" pieces that are more crafty using some of my glass mosaic tiles. It has charged my battery to begin working on a small painting (8 x 8) which I hope to finish soon. 

(posted on 28 Nov 2019)

So this fall I started on a new series in my fused glass titled "Shattered Glass". I have created several pieces, small and large. I am really enjoying producing these works and I believe that I will continue creating a few more pieces with some slight variation.

(posted on 27 May 2019)

There is a debate among artists whether to donate an art piece to a cause. I have decided that in my career I would donate at least one art piece every year. This year I am donating one pastel landscape to the Strathcona Community  Hospital Foundation. They will be holding a golf tournament and silent auction on May 30 with and dinner and silent auction at 6:30 at the Broadmoor Golf Club House. There will be many items to bid on.

Faerie Hill

(posted on 26 May 2019)

I finished and framed my last piece that  will appear in my next solo show at the Dow Centennial Centre (Fort Saskatchewan). It was a bit of a struggle as I have been producing many new works this year for my solo shows. It is wonderful to be accepted for solo exhibitions but I did not realize how much work these shows are! For each show I had to produce quite a few new pieces (naively I thought I had enough inventory). For one show currently at the Londonderry Public Library I produced ten new acrylic paintings of varying size. I can not believe how many pieces artists who exhibit in larger venue must produce. Kudos to them for all the hard long work that is required to create some wonderful art. 

So, my last BIG solo show is in Fort Saskatchewan at the Alberta Lottery Fund Art Gallery (Dow Centennial Centre). It opens May 28 and runs until June 24. The gallery is open every Thursday and Friday from 11-2 p.m..


Along the River Bend (my last piece)


(posted on 20 Apr 2019)

This past month I have been quietly working but in a new direction. The subject matter has remained constant (the Alberta land) but I have moved into acrylic paint. The sizes of my paintings vary from 8 x 8 to 18 x 24 and all on cradled birch panels. Most of these new works are in preparation of a small solo show at Londonderry Public Library for the month of May. I am enjoying this new venture more than I anticipated (I never really embraced acrylic paints prefering the "juiciness" of oils). By using a glazing medium with the paint I am able to build up layers of colours similar to my pastel works. I have also incorporated the palette knife in many of my works. I think that these early paintings are a good start in a new direction...




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