Suzan Berwald, Multi-disciplinary Artist
Solstice Studio 59


(posted on 19 Oct 2021)

So what happened to July, August and September!!!!

Well, summer happened and then fall clean-up of the garden. But with the garden bedded down for the winter, all lawn furniture packed away and most leaves raked up and bagged I am back in the studio. 



V.A.S.A. (St. Albert) is hosting an exhibition showcasing drawing, the first one of its kind that I have entered. Five of my pieces have been accepted and will be on display from November 2-27, 2021. "DRAW!" will feature drawings in graphite, pen and ink, charcoal etc. 



This year the Art Society of Strathcona County (A.S.S.C.) will again host a Christmas market at the Red Barn/ A. J. Ottewell Centre (Broadmoor Blvd., Sherwood Park) on November 13 and 14. I will be participating this year and feature many different items ranging from fused glass Christmas tree ornaments to floral designs to Christmas cards.